Our health and our well-being is a vital part of being a sustainable community. Keeping ourselves healthy in mind and body has to be paramount.

West Highland Herbal walks

West Highland Herbal walks

Sustainable Health topics include

  • Our complementary therapists (we have a deep resource of highly talented and widely diverse therapists in Oban and Lorn – you can find many at SOLAS health centre in Oban.
  • Our primary health carers and our hospital services – our surgeries are under staffed – we need more doctors and nurses to move into our area; our hospital is vital but has a low population to serve so constantly under threat.
  • Getting together – most of our villages have busy village and community halls, and Oban has a new Community Cafe in 2015 (Grassroots Cafe)
  • Designing our spaces for the best well being for our communities. Our council has to be encouraged to promote healthy houses, renewable energies, green spaces and community places.
  • Social care – looking after the more vulnerable in our community is fundamental to a sustainable society. Food poverty is a growing issue in our communities, and this has to be addressed with vigour.
  • Networking – making sure we know what community and professional organisations are available, and how to get the help we need.
  • Food is not just an issue of miles and mechanisms.. growing our own food is healthier in its process of growing, as well as the eating. Growing food at home, in our schools, in community groups .. all create healthier ways of living – social interaction, physical activity, well grown ingredients.
  • Exercise and activity is obviously a vital part of being well – and in getting well when illness befalls. We are very fortunate in being surrounded by the best environment to get out and about in – walking, cycling (especially with our new and growing Sustrans Route), climbing, sailing, kayaking, riding .. you name it, on land or sea we have it all.
  • We have the fortune to be in an area of very low pollution, and need to protect this at all times. Renewable energies have their issues, but have to be the way forward to power our communities with low impact and local sourcing.
  • Use of drugs in agriculture (our area is blessed with wonderful extensive farming and high quality stockmanship)


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