Sustainable Transport : redesign of Oban Pier

Transport chiefs have unveiled plans to transform Oban’s rail station – because they claim it looks more like “a place of incarceration” than the gateway to a popular seaside town.

Woolfèis 2016

Woolfeis 2016 
It is with great disappointment that Woolfeis 2016 will have to be cancelled; Jill is still the main person organising events, and while she had hoped to pick up enough time after caring for her mother before her death some weeks ago, she has just had an operation. With the weeks of recovery ahead, and the unknown of how her fibromyalgia will respond, and too small a team of lovely volunteers to pick up the organisation this year, it is best that we concentrate on 2017 to make that even better than before.

The hall is booked, and the market is planned on the Thursday – SOOO .. if anyone wants to have a FUN Informal Fibrous Get Together on the Friday or Saturday that would be great, let me know and I will keep the bookings .. also any one locally who was planning workshops, make sure we get all the details so we can promote them to locals and visitors in the area.
(and we have already had a positive response to having some informal fibre fun .. so keep on sharing .. and see you then.. )

Deborah Grey is running  a Fibre prep and Drop spindle spinning in Oban on Sat 23rd July (contact Deborah Grey )

Woolfeis logo 2017 with dates

Supporting our bees – help the government make the right decision

The government  is deciding whether to allow dangerous neonicotinoid pesticides back into our fields again.

Encourage Environment Minister Liz Truss to protect our bees

Last year  Liz Truss agreed to let farmers use these bee-harming pesticides – despite the overwhelming evidence that they’re toxic to bees.

The government has already rejected one request to use neonics again this year – but a second application has since been made.

Potential Craft Cooperative shop in Oban – are you interested

A small group of local crafters have made some preliminary investigations into renting a shop in Oban to run as a Craft Cooperative / Collaborative.The idea is for as many crafts people as interested to work together to run it and sell our products. Please fill in this short survey so they can understand how many people are seriously interested and want to join in.