AGM 2011

HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE LIVING IN 2020 in North Argyll?
Local Origins Rural Network is Growing Up and getting bigger. Everyone will be welcome !

At the very start the idea of supporting the local producers of Lorn came from the deep chasm of need, and lack of local provision from any other sector. The issues around trying to get more food on our plates, and more of our local skills valued and supported are myriad, but ignoring them does not change things. None of these can be tackled in isolation from the rest of the community, the economy is part of the community and visa versa.
Local Origins Rural Network started out as a means to bring the primary skills and producer economy and community together with the aim of building our way to a more sustainable community.

We have had lots of success – and are now ready to take things forward to the next stage.
LORN is developing into a charitable Community Network to Create A Sustainable Community in North Argyll.
LORN Enterprises remains as an integral part, the engine that will help drive the network, maintaining the emphasis on primary producers, skills, and tackling the problems that are faced, creating joint promotional opportunities for the businesses of the area.
To see a little more about what we are planning – have a look at our mindmap – it’s work in progress – very active work !
Local Origins Rural Network ,itself, (LORN), the Community, will be starting on all the other aspects of what we need to work on together to create our own sustainable futures in each of our small communities. How we tackle this will depend on you, anyone who is interested in building some resiliance into our locality is part of the solution.

Join us at our AGM on Saturday 5th February, at the Victory Hall, Benderloch 2011 from 11 am to find out more.
PLEASE RSVP to so we know how many seats to put out, and also if you would like to join us for a light lunch, so we make enough for everyone.
Our 2011 newsletter is here

Local Business Forum meetings

Local Business Forum meetings 
LORN has started Local Business Forum meetings at Benderloch, and the first get togethers have been well received.
The dates for the next month are – 5th November, 19th November, and 29th November. 
Margaret Jacobsen, of Business Mentoring Scotland, has facilitated this series of meetings, and we aim to continue them throughout 2011 with the aid of other support organisations. The first topics have been on sales and marketing, but there is no agenda, and the topics will be determined by the needs of those who attend. The format allows for local, regional and national officials to be invited to help as well as tapping into the rich resource of our own members experience and expertise.
Can you please also email – if you are ->

    • are interested but need a different time of the day to be able to attend

  • would like a Local Business Forum meeting in a different location.

The meetings are being followed by a Supper and Social Evening with the bar, which is open to all the local community. Friends, family and neighbours are invited to join everyone to chill and relax.

Local Business Forum meetings are open to everyone in the local business community, so please pass this invitation on to anyone else you think might be interested.
For Full LORN members they are free, a small charge of £5 is levied for others.
Supper is available to anyone who books at £5 per person.