LORN Produce

Lorn Produce

This is the start of some information about the produce that is beginning to be available in LORN
And some products that are wanted but not yet available.
LORN hopes to help coordinate the supply and demand, and help producers overcome the problems in getting the produce from farm or sea to the eager consumers.


  • Meat – lamb, hogget, mutton, and a variety of breeds in our membership already, including blackface, jacob, hebridean,
  • Wool – for farmers here is a very useful NEW leaflet about producing / selling raw fleece for hand spinning.

There is a new spinning group in the area, and LORN is happy to help farmers and crafters connect to give the former a little more return for their product, and the latter great fresh fleeces for their crafts

  • Horn – there are a number of hornworkers in the area, it would be great to be able to harvest more of the horn produced as we get more beasts from farm to plate.
  • Skins – these are complicated, but we have some interesting breeds of sheep in the area going for meat, so it should be possible to coordinate the transfer of the skins to a tannery so as to create great rugs for customers, so adding a little more value to the crofting and farming endeavour.