LORN Larder

Local Origins Rural Network is committed to working with anyone who can help us improve our local sustainability.

FOOD is a vital part of this, and we need to work together so that we are all producing and eating more of the produce in our local area : land, sea, skies, farmed and wild.

  • Local producers
  • Local consumers
  • National and regional organisations who are working on similar projects

We are working hard to open up lines of communication between all quarters of this circle and using various online means to help each talk to us and to each other.
To kick off there is now a LORN Larder page on facebook to bring members and customers together

We are working hard to attract a growing membership of producers and consumers to LORN – therefore creating the means for each to learn about the needs and potential of each other.

We will not have all the answers, but are keen to learn from others who have undergone similar projects, to learn what did not work, to find ways of implementing what does, if appropriate for our local area.

In the long term, we want to help anyone who wants to find the means for us all, from a personal level to the wholesale market, to get more food grown and eaten locally.

We will be working to create a number of talks, workshops, and courses about growing, harvesting and preserving our own food in the months to come — please contact us if you are interested
Email : growing@lorn.org.uk

Our next BIG LORN project we are suggesting is
LORN LARDER : Pasture to Plate 
where we work on the seriously limiting logistics for getting meat from the pastures of North Argyll to the plates in homes and restaurants of the area.
Click here for more details – and get in touch with any comments and contributions.