LORN Enterprises

Information for North Argyll Skills Businesses and Producers

The idea behind the Enterprise membership is to bring the local food and creative producers, farmers, and skills businesses together and network with the local community of the Lorn area. The businesses of the LORN area have an important part to play in creating our local sustainability, and our local community needs to be encouraged to support our local businesses. Each of us has a part to play in the journey.

Sustainability is mostly focused around food, energy, waste and community – we appreciate that primary enterprise is one of the fundamental necessities for our economic resilience. Spend your money locally, and the whole community benefits.

LORN Local Producers Directory 2015

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The aim of the Enterprise membership is to provide the businesses with the chance to communicate with each other, to improve our local and economic sustainability, grasp opportunities that are, so often, more effective as a group and engage with the community better.

  • ~ Develop the NETWORK to connect more local businesses and the community
  • ~ Promote the opportunities¬†for food, crafts, skills as well as local community groups.
  • ~ Create online community of all interested in local sustainable economy
  • ~ Develop¬†TRAINING, SKILLS, and other projects as identified by members
  • ~ Connect with related organisations, to share best practise, and learn from other experiences

To make these happen we need volunteers from the Enterprise membership. Please get in touch to volunteer your time to move projects forward. The more you put in, the more you will get out, and the stronger the network becomes.