What is LORN?

Local Origins Rural Network : working together to create a sustainable future for all our community in North Argyll :
from Loch Craignish to Loch Leven, including Oban and all our rural populations.
What is LORN ?

our vision for Local Origins Rural Network.

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LORN is Local Origins Rural Network and relates to the geographical area of Oban and Lorn in North Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland.
We welcome all to join us as a Member : click here for details
What is LORN ? a mindmap of our vision for Local Origins Rural Network.

Our over-riding aim is to create a sustainable local community in North Argyll and we will create and take opportunities that arise to achieve this by breaking down the social, environmental and economic issues into achievable activities.

The initial plans are :-

  • Promote sustainability to our local population in a way that provides bitesize, achievable, accessible actions for each of us to undertake.
  • Improve access to workshops and courses in skills and training to improve our social, environmental and economic sustainability.
  • Develop active networks within our community and between LORN and related organisations.
  • Promote local food and creativity to the local population
  • Plan and deliver a range of educational activities to encourage responsible and sustainable uses of our local resources
  • Improve the local primary skills and producer businesses with business development support.
  • Promote greater awareness of our local environment and heritage.
  • Actively work with and support local, regional and national organisations who share our aims, by facilitating, promoting and engaging in activities and projects to further these aims.
     To understand the aims and aspirations it is worth reading Wendell Berrys 17 Rules for a sustainable community – there is much for us to follow here.

    For each of us to achieve this, we all have to do something about it

    Each and every one of us
    What do YOU want to change?
    What can YOU do to help?

    • Some of what LORN is about : –
      • Learning new skills
      • Sharing with neighbours
      • Better communication
      • Recognising our local resources
      • Who is in your community?
      • Learning what is around us
      • Workshops
      • Getting funding and equipment

      Who is out there to help us? …

      LORN has started to create a Network of everyone in our local rural community who is interested in creating a more sustainable way of living in the community of the area
      Our 2011 committee is here : thank you to all volunteers, looking forward to a wonderful year, working together. If you want to help, you are very welcome.

      We have a lot of issues to tackle and the portfolio of interests that are involved in creating a sustainable community is wide. It is important that this includes our rural economy; all our primary skills and producer businesses of North Argyll, community groups as well as the rest of the population, all need to work together to create a more sustainable environment for our future.

      The aim of the Network is to create a more sustainable local community by

    • Connecting and facilitating everyone in the community who is interested in finding ways to create a more sustainable community in North Argyll
    • Developing the connections with local community across the spectrum from the primary businesses to the third sector groups and the wider population around
    • Bringing together people involved in these businesses and organisations to gain support from each other,
    • Opening up opportunities to fulfill their aims, improve their business and to connect more effectively with the local community.
    • Supporting projects in the rural community of North Argyll which aim to improve our local sustainability, both personal and professional.