Energy is expensive.. and necessary.

We have to learn is how to use all kinds of energy far more efficiently, and to produce more of it from renewable resources, in ways that do not create greater issues in our local area. A simple statement but a complex situation.

There are plenty of examples of other communities successfully addressing these issues with similar resources as ourselves.

LORN is actively working with local support agencies to help raise awareness of ways in which we can help ourselves, sharing ideas and experiences to encourage greater awareness in our local area.

Local agencies

ALIenergy :  ALIenergy is a regional agency that promotes better use of energy resources throughout Argyll, Lomond and the Islands. We help communities to benefit from improved energy education and energy efficiency, we tackle fuel poverty and we encourage and promote the development of appropriate renewable energy sources that the area has in abundance, for the benefit of communities within Argyll.

Looking for Firewood? :