The more we learn, the more resilient we can become.

Whether we are learning old traditional practical skills to help us make better use of our raw materials in the local area, or learning modern skills so that we can widen our earning capability – learning is a vital part of the route to sustainability.

Local Origins Rural Network is keen to support all avenues of learning in our local area : vocational, hobby, practical, business, specialist, activities.

We actively promote all relevant workshops and courses that we learn about both directly to our Members by email, on our calendar and on facebook / twitter. We encourage others to do the same.

for those interested in learning about felting fibre crafts one of our Enterprise Members : HeartfeltbyLiz : has a regular calendar of half and full day workshops on her website; and our Woolfeis event has a great range of other fibre workshops and skills sharing.

It is our aim to encourage more courses and workshops in the area, and to further raise awareness and improve accessibility of the existing courses in the area.

Would you like to be part of this process, and develop a project where we can fully audit the existing learning resources, identify the opportunities that are being experienced elsewhere, create an independent comprehensive calendar of courses in the area, to learn what the needs and demands of individuals and businesses are, promote the courses that are already happening, and hence improve the range of learning that is available to the community of North Argyll?

We need a volunteer project coordinator for this project to manage what we would aim to be a funded part time post, with the long term aim to be sustainable as a couple of days a month.

In the short term there are lots of courses that COULD be happening in the local area, if only we had a volunteer to set them up. For the more commercial courses, there would be capacity for this to be a renumerated role. If any of this is of interest to you, please get in touch with usĀ