CHARTS – Argyll and Bute Place partnership meeting – Oban

CHARTS is for everyone who is involved in any way in our local culture, arts, and heritage – from the professionals across the board to volunteers and community groups.
Theatre, museums, history groups, creative artists, crafters, language, arts, writers, you name it, we are all involved.

While the language is somewhat grand, the aim is simple – to have a means to work together, to network together, to raise the awareness of each other between ourselves and to the outside world – locals, tourists, accommodation you name it. Also to create projects that support our culture, arts and heritage in Argyll and Bute, which includes us all.

It would be good if people can come to this meeting .. and have your say, learn what is happening, and be a part.


Dear all,

It has been almost exactly a year since we last met. Progress has been made since then, thanks to a huge amount of work in the background, but I am of the view that only now have I something tangible to report on and get your input.
So, could you put the evening of Thursday the 10th November into your diaries, at the Rockfield Centre, Oban.
In summary:
  • The award of £200,000 (matchable) for the Place Partnership has been formalised with Creative Scotland and Argyll and Bute Council.
  • In support of this, there is a detailed Place Partnership Plan with a full list of activities to be delivered by the project.
  • The CHArts Steering Group, which I now chair, has been meeting regularly to develop this Plan, along with making a start on arrangements for:
    • a SCIO;
    • other funding partners; and,
    • the recruitment of project delivery personnel.
At its highest level, the Place Partnership Plan has the following objectives:
1. Capacity Building: Create a sustainable CHArts organisational structure able to deliver the agreed activities and actions.
2. Data Gathering & Mapping: All culture, heritage and arts practitioners, sites and venues are to be identified and mapped.
3. Identity & Visibility: Develop a consistent and attractive identity and brand recognisable to residents, visitors and partners.
4. Access: Ensure that audiences, customers, partners, and sponsors have both the physical and digital means to access information, attend events, and purchase products.
5. Collaborative Delivery: Develop a programme of strategic activities and events which will add value by enabling joint working between themes, individuals and organisations.
Hope to see you on the 10th November, but in the meantime you are welcome to contact me for more information.
With kind regards,
David Price
CHArts Oban and Lorn Hub representative
Chair – CHArts Steering Group
01866 833455