What is Social Enterprise workshop : Oban : 8 Dec 2016


Just Enterprise : Oban : Thursday, December 8th 2016 11:00am

This workshop will:
• Go through what social enterprise actually means
• Consider what makes a business a social enterprise
• Outline the different legal structures that a social enterprise may uset
• Provide examples of social enterprise activity in Scotland

After this event you will have a better understanding of whether your idea is suited to being a social enterprise and whether you wish to be a social entrepreneur. You will also understand the range of skills, knowledge and aptitudes needed to run an effective social enterprise.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet a Just Enterprise Start Up Advisor and network with other budding social entrepreneurs, share experiences, ask questions, get tips and more!

GETTING READY FOR INVESTMENT – Social Enterprise workshop June 21st

Argyll & the Islands

21st June 2016, 10am – 4pm, The Regent Hotel, Oban


OBAN – TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2016 10AM – 4PM


The aim of these events is to equip social enterprises and community organisations in the Highlands and Islands with the capacity, knowledge and confidence to invest in their future and build stronger, more resilient communities.

In the morning, you’ll hear introductions from the three host organisations and our guest speaker, Campbell Cameron, who will share his experiences working with community broadband and taking on social investment, with the Oban Phoenix Cinema, warts and all.

This will be followed by structured round table discussions examining current challenges and opportunities for communities to raise and utlise different forms of social investment. Inspiralba will be supprting in this session with local knowledge and experiences in the field.

After lunch you’ll then have the opportunity to attend 2 of 4 tailored workshops delivered by Social Investment Scotland, Local Energy Scotland and Community Shares Scotland.

Early Days and Changing Ways

Understanding that not everyone is at the same stage of their journey, we’ll be hosting two workshops called Early Days and Changing Ways which reflect your place on the journey towards social investment. You can choose which workshop suits you best on the day.

Early Days

For social enterprises and community groups in the early stages of their planning and development; typically organisations will be trading for two years or less.

Changing Ways

For more established social enterprises and community groups who have developed their ideas further, established trading bodies and are looking to scale up, acquire assets and create further impact in their communities.

Shared Ownership of Renewable Energy

Shared Ownership (or Community Investment) of Renewable Energy is understood by the Scottish Government to refer to any structure which involves a community group as a meaningful financial partner in a renewable energy project. This session will introduce you to the opportunities available in the Highlands and Islands.

We’ll cover where to identify local opportunities, how to discuss opportunities with Developers and your group, the stages involved in a Shared Ownership project and what the outcomes could be for your community group or social enterprise.

Financing Your Community’s Future Through Community Shares

Our interactive session will demonstrate how the community shares funding mechanism can benefit your community enterprise – enabling it to start up, grow and thrive.

There will be a focus on new Scottish focused resources, emerging best practice, as well as details on how to access the free support offered by the Community Shares Scotland programme. We will walk you through the key steps in setting up a community share offer – using some great case studies from those who have had success already.

All the events are sponsored by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Support is available through HIE for those travelling from further afield to attend these events. Please contact us to find out more.

Congratulations to Oban Communities Trust on securing Rockfield School for the community

Wonderful news – Rockfield School has been secured for the community to be restored as a social, cultural and heritage centre in the heart of Oban.

Congratulations to those of Oban Communities Trust who have worked SO hard to persuade Argyll and Bute Council to let this happen.

And NOW the HARD WORK starts.. OCT will be asking each and every person in the area (and further afield) to help .. this will be a community project from the bottom up.. from soup and sandwiches, to hard labour.. we each have something to offer to make this happen.

it is so great to have some good news for the whole community.
their facebook page will have all the news and how to help

The Community Food and Health Network funding opens soon

The Community Food and Health Network has just released information about their Annual Development Fund which opens soon.

The fund will open on Friday 14 June and close on Friday 9 August 5pm.

Groups and agencies in Scotland are welcome to apply for funding between £500 and £3000 to develop activities to improve access to, and take up of, a healthy and varied balanced diet within low-income communities.

The June edition of Fare Choice contains further information on the Development Fund.

Application forms and details of how to apply will be available on our website when the fund launches on 14 June.



The Santander Social Enterprise Development Award aims to support community enterprises looking to grow and develop their business in order to improve their local community through critical social outcomes.
If your business could use a Development Award of up to £50,000 read more about the competition in About the Awards.
To check if you are eligible to enter the Awards please make sure you can answer ‘yes’ to all the conditions in the website below