Local Origins Rural Network

Local Origins Rural Network : your local network working together to create a sustainable local community in North Argyll

Looking forward to sharing new ways to develop our local sustainability in 2015 :

growing food ; building community ; supporting each other ; having fun learning together

Being Sustainable means creating a way of living making the best use of the resources around that can be maintained forever.
The ultimate aim is to consume only renewable resources, recycling as much as possible, and reducing the exploitation of our natural resources.

“Sustainable farming methods are just one corner, economic sustainability is another, and social sustainability is the third.” (organic farmer, Paul Kaiser, California)

The immediate aim is to learn how to start down this path, individually and as a community, to understand better what our local resources are and how to make best use of them – including our personal talents; strengthening our local community, supporting our community organisations as well as our local businesses.

We aim to create and take opportunities that arise to achieve this by breaking down the social, environmental and economic issues into achievable activities, whether on a personal or community level.

Important topics to learn more about include : Education : Energy : Waste : Primary Enterprise : Transport : Heritage : Health & Wellbeing : Food : Skills : Environment

The geographical area of Local Origins Rural Network is the old Lorn area about 35 miles north and south of Oban, Argyll – from Loch Craignish (Ardfern) to Loch Leven (Ballachulish and Glencoe)

Join us : – Things ARE changing, be part of it, we can do alot for ourselves, after all, no-one else is going to do it for us !!!